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The Seven Levels
of Fear

Fear is driven by reversed thinking...

...what could go wrong as opposed to what could go right

Level 1:  Paralysis. Change
  Fear of doing the wrong things. Doing nothing.
Level 2:  Inefficiency. Change
  Fear of wasting time. Fear of doing the right things wrong.
Level 3:  Catastrophizing. Change
  Fear of things getting worse. Fear of bad weather. Seeing only the worst case.
Level 4:  Holding On. Change
  Fear of letting go. Focusing on the 80% that only brings 20% of the value. Fear that stopping doing something will be a mistake. Just-in-case fear: "Let's take everything just to be safe."
Level 5:  Self-Doubt. Change
  Fear of not being physically able. Fear of not copying the right thing. Fear of copying the right things wrong. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of criticism. Fear of self.
Level 6:  Normalcy. Change
  Fear of being different. Fear of being noticed. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of rejection. Fear of tradition. Fear of trying different things that might not work. Fear of falling off trying. Fear of the unexpected. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of exposure.
Level 7:  Disbelief. Change
  Fear of the unknown. Fear of not having a basis of comparison. Fear of problem size. Fear of believing. Fear that I can't do that. Fear of a fault, a weakness in the safety system below you. Fear of total failure. Fear of the point of no return. Fear of death - not coming back alive. Fear of others dying. The sum of all fears.

The Seven Levels of Change

© 1996 - Mike Donahue, Colorado Mountain School

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